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Strut Gives You The Power to Engage

Your website has become the most powerful marketing asset for your organization. But getting the attention of site visitors and motivating them to engage is a challenge.

Because websites are full of information, it is often daunting and confusing for visitors to immediately "get" what a website has to offer. Strut gives your site a personal touch with a host that welcomes and invites you to take action.

And Strut is backed by the powerful campaign management tools of the iMambo Marketing Management Program.

  What's Your Strategy?

Strut helps you develop and execute your business strategy by engaging visitors and capturing and managing the information they provide. In this way, all the various Subscriptions, Literature Requests, Contests and Promotions are easily managed.

  • Capture contact data
  • Build mailing lists
  • Distribute and track literature and sales inquiries
  • Run contests and promotions