Through-Channel Marketing

When your company manages a Sales Channel from iMambo’s Marketing Network,   you have the power and control to Deliver Your Messages Directly Through Your Channel to Your Customers!  And at the same time, provide a Turnkey Marketing Program that drives responses directly to your Channel Partner! 
      iMambo’s  program allows your Head Office to distribute information through the channel, thereby giving you full control of your brand presentation and message frequency. This network contains a Master Account and a Partner Account for each member of the Sales Channel. Each Partner has a fully functioning account that makes it possible for the Master to distribute all marketing materials directly through the Partner Account to the Partner’s customers.  Each message is uniquely branded as being from the Partner, including all personal contact & follow-up information.
Benefits of the Network:
Head Office:

  • Control of Brand & Message through to the customer
  • Frequency & consistency in channel programs
  • Up-to-date Collateral Materials
  • The power of Channel-Wide Video Marketing
  • Asset to channel partners: less attrition, more sales

Channel Partners:

  • A Turnkey Marketing Program managed by Head Office
  • Personalized Communications to customers
  • Inquiries & Leads directed back to the Partner
  • Professional Video Presentation Sales Aides
  • Consistent Marketing Strategy: more leads, more sales.