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 It’s all about Power and Control

When your company manages a Sales Channel from iMambo’s Marketing Network,   you have the power and control to Deliver Your Messages Directly Through Your Channel to Your Customers!  And at the same time, provide a Turnkey Marketing Program that drives responses directly to your Channel Partner!

Network Account

Master account, makes it possible to manage and distribute marketing materials that flow through the channel partner account(s) directly to their customers. Control your brand…

Business Account

Because there’s much more to marketing than just sending email, Mambo provides ALL the tools you’ll need to set up and manage your programs!

Strut Video

Your website is your company’s most powerful marketing asset! But getting site visitors’ attention and motivating them to buy can be a real challenge. That’s why Strut adds the personal touch of a host who welcomes visitors and gives them all the reasons they’ll ever need to buy your products and services.