iMambo Features

  • Unlimited amount of lists
  • Organizer
  • Import/Export

The List Management View is the default page in the Mail Center. The 2nd. level navigation tabs in top bar menu are: View Lists, Organizer, Import Lists, Export Lists, Send Email and Outbox.

The  List Management View is a list of all your email lists. The Master List is always at the top of the list view and it has a colored background. The Master list has a special function. It cannot be deleted and should not be mailed to for reasons that will be apparent later on. You can create as many additional lists as you wish. These will be sub-lists of the master list.

The columns in this view are:

  1. A Mark Box (Used to select a list for deletion)

  2. The List ID number

  3. The List Properties (Indicated with a Cogs icon and linked to the properties page)

  4. The List Name (Linked to the list itself)

  5. Members (The number of records in the list)

When you click on a list name in this view it will bring up the list.

List Properties
The Cogs Icon is linked to the List Properties. Click on the icon to get list details: The List Name; List Count; Un-subscribes; Invalids; List Description; Public Status. Settings can be changed and saved from this view.

Create a new list
You can create as many new lists as you want. These new lists are sub-lists of the Mater List.

  1. Click the Create Button in the List View. This brings up a form.

  2. Name the new list; give it a description if you want; set the public check box if you wish end users to have access to it.

  3. Leave the Unsubscribe Response URL blank. Some lists are associated with a campaign and a Response URL will be assigned. This field is not require to create a simple list.

  4. Click on the Create Button to save the new list.

  5. Check the List View to verify that the list has been created.

This is now a list with no members. You can now import or manually add records to the list.

Adding Records Manually
The List view displays only the email address, first and last name, subscription and validation status of each record. You can call up the full Contact Record in a pop-up window at anytime by clicking on the email address.

To add entries manually click on the “Add Entries” button in the top left hand corner. You can manually add 10 email addresses at a time and First and Last name only. To manually add records with more data input use the Contact Center. This is for quick entry of a small number of email records. Use the import function if you have a large list.

Whenever a record is added to your account it is put into the Contact List (which is a master list as well) and the Master Email list. If you add a record into a sub-list it will also be added to both master lists. You can create and delete lists and import and export records as well. It is not necessary, or advisable to import records into the Master Email List as all records entered into sub lists will automatically be added to the master in any case.

Mark & Status
There are two more columns in the List View that need explanation. The Mark column (The column with the check boxes) is used for selecting a record to be manually Deleted or Unsubscribed. Delete removes the record. Unsubscribe leaves the record in the list but marks it as Un-Subscribed and will not mail to it. Nor will the list then accept an incoming record from a list import with the same address. This is a safe guard against accidentally re-subscribing someone who has unsubscribed in the past.

Simply mark the record(s) you wish to delete and then click the delete button located at the top left hand of the list. The record will be deleted from the list. You can only select multiple records from a single batch of 20 records for deletion.

The Status column is very helpful. The iMambo system sets record validation based on responses from the address’s server. If it receives several “hard bounces for a record, the system will mark it as Invalid, indicated by a Red Light (dot). Once it is validated it is marked as Verified indicated by a Green Light. Most records will dispay an Amber Light indicating that the system has not received either a validating confirmation or a hard bounce. These records are usually valid and the program treats them as verified and sends to them.

The Mambo server will not email to an Invalid record. This makes the system more efficient and reduces the number of bounce-backs from bulk email sends.