iMambo Features

  • Custom signatures
  • Hot spot links

Your signature file is designed to be used as a link to your iMambo Media Player as well as give recipients your contact information. This is a graphic file that will automatically appear at the bottom of all the out-going messages from your personal email program such as Outlook or Outlook Express.
The Signature Settings Tab will display your current Signature File if you have one. This is usually a graphic that has the branding of your company and perhaps your picture. The text information is superimposed over the graphics when it is created. You can change the text fields and the picture as well. It may be as simple as changing an incorrect phone number and updating the file.

There are two ways to change this information:
The first is by changing the data merge fields. The text data is taken from the data fields in the Account Information tab. So by changing and updating the contact and/or company data in the account information tab and clicking up date you will see the information on the Signature file will be updated. This is just a preview however. The file must be published to disk before it is ready to use.
The second way is to Override the default data settings. This is not available on all accounts. You can select the Override check box. This will display your signature file data fields with the corresponding merge tags inside the data fields below the image of the Signature File. You can either insert a different merge tag (simply copy and paste it from the list in the Account Information Tab) or directly type in the new information into the field.
You may have to experiment  bit to get things looking the way you want and there are restrictions on the number of characters you can put in a field. Each text field corresponds to an x / y coordinate on the signature image file and this can’t be changed.

Changing the Signature Picture
You can also change the picture in your signature file. You must first upload a picture in the Media Center, Images Library. And, the image must be assigned as “Signature.” For more on this go to the Media Center, Images heading.
To change the image simply choose an image from the Image pull down menu below the Signature File image. This action will refresh the page and display the ne picture. In order to use this new Signature file you must first click on the “Save and Publish” button at the bottom of the page. Once the file is published to disc you can click on the “Preview” button to view it in a new browser window. This confirms that it has been successfully published.

Setting up your Signature File in your Personal Mail Account
Instructions on setting up your signature file in your personal email account can be found at the bottom of the signature  settings tab page. Click on the link to bring up these “printable” help pages. This document is also available in the Help Center of your account under the Tutorials section tab.