iMambo Features

  • CSR notifications
  • Customized responses
  • Auto-responders

Here you will create and manage your list email sends. To begin click on the Send E-mail tab in the 2nd. Level navigation. This brings up the page illustrated to the right "Scheduling and Sending Email".

  1. When to Send email: You can send your message out immediately or choose to schedule it for a later date and/or time. This is handy for scheduling several mailings and perhaps scheduling them for late night or coordinating with time zones you are marketing to. If you choose to schedule a mailing, check the radio button and use the calendar to choose your date. Click on the calendar icon to bring up a mini-calendar. Select the date you want to send. The calendar closes and the date field is automatically updated.  NOTE: You must select the radio button as well as select the date.

  2. To which Email List: Choose the list you wish to send to in the pull down menu. All the lists you have created with members will be available here. OR, to a single Email Address: You can also send to a single address. Simply type in the address in the text field.

  3. From Which Address:  There may be more than one address assigned to your account.  The address chosen will be the return address for that mailing and that return mail will be found in the Email Queues corresponding to that email address.

  4. Message Script: You can also select a pre-scripted message from this pull down menu. This menu contains all of your pre-scripted messages. If you have a newsletter or bulleting stored here you can pull it up for multiple mailings or update a templated version of a previous mailing. You do not have to choose a message. You can simply type out a message in the message box below.

  5. Message Subject: Type in a subject line. This is the subject line that will appear in the receivers subject field in their email account. If you choose a pre-scripted response this field may automatically be filled with the pre-scripted subject line.

  6. Message Type: If you’re sending a plain text message leave this to the pre-select for plain text. If you are inserting HTML code in the message box you must select HTML in the pull down. Otherwise the program will send the code out as plain text.

  7. Tracking: If you’re message is in HTML you can set it for click through and open tracking. These are set by default to enable the reporting feature. Read more about this under the heading Outbox.

  8. Message: This is the message box. Type your message here. A pre-scripted message selection will automatically populate this box with the message.

  9. Preview Message: If you have an HTML message the box only shows the code. In order to view the graphics and complete message you can click on the Preview Message button. This will bring up the full graphics page. In this way you can check to make sure that all the graphic links are correct.

  10. Add Literature Attachments: Here you can select files form the literature rack to be attached to the out-going message. Add or remove literature as needed by selecting the file(s) in the source box and adding them to the destination box. Selected literature will be sent out with the mailing.

  11. Send Email: Click here to send out the mailing. A caution box will appear warning you that you’re about to send to a list and that you’re sure you want to continue. This will give you one last chance to check all your settings before committing the mailing. If it is a schedule mailing you will be able to make changes by going to the OutBox view and pulling up the Pending mailing. If it is an immediate send you will not be able to recall it once you have committed the send. Be sure that you have selected the right list and that all your settings are correct before sending out an immediate mailing.